League City Burn Injury Attorneys

Friendswood and Galveston Electrocution Injury Lawyers

Explosions and electrocutions at industrial plants and other jobsites in Texas lead to serious burn injuries as well as fatal injuries. While there are inherent dangers present at many of these Texas refineries and plants, the majority of these accidents are the result of negligence and defective products.

At the APFFEL LAW FIRM, we have seen the devastation that clients undergo following a traumatic explosion or electrocution. We offer sincere empathy to clients who are coping with a life-altering injury or tragic loss of a family member in these accidents.

We are relentless in our pursuit of justice on behalf of clients — which often enables them to have the peace of mind and closure to move on.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident which led to a severe burn injury or fatal injury in Texas, contact the APFFEL LAW FIRM to talk with an experienced attorney about your case.

Who Is to Blame?

You or your family member went to work like any other day, but this time something terrible happened. When a family member doesn't come home from work or ends up in the hospital due to negligence on the job, our law firm is here to help.

Whether the accident occurred in an oil refinery, on an oil rig, at a petrochemical plant, on a construction site, or in any other industrial setting, we are determined to get to the bottom of what happened.

There may have been a number of factors that led to the accident, and it is our priority to uncover all issues in order to maximize liability and compensation for our client. We investigate issues such as:

  • Equipment defects
  • Poor risk management
  • Negligent staff supervision
  • Negligent maintenance or inspection
  • Safety violations
  • Unsafe handling of propane or natural gas
  • Exposed electrical lines
  • Non-insulated wiring

While work accidents are generally covered under workers' compensation laws, in most cases involving burn injuries or wrongful death, workers' compensation benefits do not even scratch the surface of the amount of compensation that is needed or that you may be entitled to by law.

Therefore, we explore whether third parties may share some responsibility for the accident. For example, manufacturers of defective products, owners of dangerous properties, subcontractors, and other parties might be liable.

We aggressively advocate for victims of fire, steam, or chemical burn injuries as well as the families of victims of fatal electrocution or explosions.

For experienced, compassionate legal help after a work injury or wrongful death, contact the APFFEL LAW FIRM. With offices in the Galveston and Houston area, we represent clients involved in accidents throughout Texas, including in major industrial communities such as Texas City, La Porte, La Marque, Baytown, Pasadena and Deer Park, TX.