League City Hip Fracture Lawyer

Car accidents and falling are the leading causes of hip fractures and can have serious debilitating long-term effects on a person's life. In more serious injuries to the pelvis, internal organs can be damaged or ruptured causing internal hemorrhaging or embolisms. League City hip fracture attorney Trey Apffel knows how serious these injuries can be and the many financial, physical and emotional costs associated with a full recovery.

The pelvis is made up of four bones, two hip bones, the sacrum and the coccyx located at the base of the spine and is connected at the back of the legs. Together they form a structure or girdle that protects internal organs including the intestines, bladder and reproductive organs. Depending on the seriousness of pelvic injury, if reproductive organs are damaged your ability to have children may be affected.

Galveston and Friendswood Pelvic Fracture Lawyers

Symptoms of a hip or pelvic fracture include immobility immediately following a fall or an accident, severe pain in your hip or groin area, or the inability to apply weight on the leg affected by the injury. Other symptoms include a shorter leg and/or your leg turns outward on the side where the injury occurred. And studies show that once you have suffered a fracture to the hip or pelvis your chances of having another fracture are significantly increased.

Fortunately, surgery is usually effective, however in older adults it can lead to further complications, and, as in all surgeries there are inherent risks and you may never recover your full mobility again. And if you have a condition that makes surgery a less desirable option, your doctor may choose a tension system (traction) to allow your hip to heal. And there are significant risks involved in traction as well, such as muscle deterioration and weakness increasing the likeliness that you may not recover the full mobility you once had.


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