Family Law

Family LawFamily law disputes often simmer and build over time. When they erupt, the emotion involved makes it even more difficult to resolve the underlying problems. When will you get to see your children? How long does a Texas divorce take? An experienced family law attorney can answer your initial questions and walk you through the court process.

Attorney E. A. "Trey" Apffel III has been serving people from Galveston to Houston in family law matters for over 30 years. He is a board-certified civil trial lawyer by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (a distinction that only 10 percent of Texas attorneys hold), and he is a statewide leader in the legal community — a past president of the State Bar of Texas.

Mediation Vs. Litigation

At Apffel Law Firm in League City, we encourage our clients to resolve disputes through mediation when litigation before the court can be avoided. Mediation is a cost-effective, empowering means to craft workable separation and divorce agreements that will be acceptable to family courts while also addressing the specific needs relevant to your unique family circumstances.

In some cases, all agreements cannot be made through mediation or negotiation, and the court process is necessary. When these issues arise, we proactively protect your interests and rights to reach your best possible outcome.

We can help you resolve the following types of family law issues:

  • Divorce-related property division and support matters
  • Child-related matters involving custody and visitation or even stepparent adoption
  • Post-judgment issues related to modifications and relocations to move closer to family or take a promotion

When additional professional guidance is needed to resolve a family law matter, we do not insist on going it alone. As necessary, we involve CPAs, business valuation experts and child psychologists to meet your family law needs.

Proactive, Responsive Family Law Representation

Call 281-724-4701 or email us to schedule a time to discuss your case with League City family law attorney Trey Apffel. We will help you make informed decisions and implement positive change.