Divorce has become a reality. Why do you need an attorney rather than opting for a "do-it-yourself" divorce? Because a DIY form will not fully protect you in the long run. In addition, a lawyer who has focused on family law for years can offer an outside, professional perspective.

At Apffel Law Firm in League City, divorces are handled personally by attorney E. A. "Trey" Apffel III a board-certified civil trial lawyer by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Our firm has been serving clients in Galveston County and the surrounding areas for over 35 years.

Our legal counsel and representation is cost-effective and responsive to your needs and goals. We will guide you through all aspects of the divorce process and ensure that you maintain control whether we help you pursue resolution through mediation, negotiation or court litigation.

Child Custody, Child Support, And Parental Rights And Obligations

When you have children, their well-being is the top priority. Careful consideration must be given to where they live (custody arrangements) and how they are provided for financially (child support). Emotional concerns are also important. The applicable state laws are listed below:

As one parent moves out of the family home, it is common for new and unusual problems related to parent-child relationships and communication between divorcing spouses to arise. Even a minor disagreement about who picks up the kids from school on Tuesdays can cause conflict.

Because of the difficulty involved in these decisions our clients often seek counseling and insight into the best way to handle practical arrangements of custody, visitation, relocation, health care management, child support, and other related concerns.

Texas Property Division: Inventory, Valuation And Characterization

Another question high on the list of your priorities is probably property division. We can explain how courts will most likely respond to proposed settlement agreements. You can then decide when to take a firm stand and when to compromise for the sake of an amicable and timely settlement.

We are prepared to assist you in all aspects of your property inventory and valuation. We will help you determine what property is community property and what belongs to each of you personally.

Let Our Experience Guide You

When we represent you through your divorce, we will make sure you have the information requires to make informed decisions. To begin the conversation about how to protect your interests during a divorce, complete our online form, or call 281-724-4701 to schedule a consultation.