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Paternity testing is not just about fathers' rights. At Apffel Law Firm, we counsel and represent both men and women in paternity cases. Success in a paternity case is defined differently depending on your motivations and goals.

  • Mothers: We help mothers seeking to validate paternity when seeking child support, shared responsibility for a child or to deny an alleged father parental rights.
  • Fathers: We represent men who want to prove that they are the biological fathers of children whose lives they want to be involved in or offer other support, and we represent men who seek to disprove that they are biological fathers.

The quickest way to establish paternity is through a DNA test, but you should speak with a lawyer before taking this step. Understanding the consequences of confirming or denying paternity could have an impact on your decision, and you should be prepared to have your rights protected by an experienced family law attorney regardless of the outcome of the paternity test.

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League City attorney E. A. "Trey" Apffel III handles all legal aspects of your paternity case. He is a board-certified civil trial lawyer by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization with over 30 years of experience. He can help you fully understand the effects of paternity on child support, child custody and visitation, parental rights and the best interests of the child.

In your first consultation, Trey will discuss all the details of your case with you. You will talk about the acknowledgement of paternity (AOP) form that you may or may not have filled out at the hospital, your intentions and long-term goals considering the paternity case, the child's best interests and parental rights in Texas.

Trey will work to fully understand your unique situation and build a case that offers you the fullest protection possible for your best possible outcome.

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