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Resolving questions of child support when parents are divorced or separated requires a close examination of relevant details. How many nights will the child stay with each parent? Who is the primary wage earner, and who is the primary caregiver of the children? What are the financial needs of the custodial home? What are the monthly resources of the noncustodial parent?

The APFFEL LAW FIRM in League City, Texas is a valuable resource for parents whose children need child support as a result of a separation or marital dissolution. Contact a child support lawyer to schedule your free initial consultation regarding child support or any other family law issue in Texas.

Understanding Texas Child Support Guidelines

Texas child support guidelines provide a basis for determining child support responsibilities of each parent depending on particular family circumstances, including income and custody arrangements.

How the Law Views Your Child Support Obligations or Needs

Child support guidelines as spelled out in the Texas Family Code are determined by an accounting of average monthly net resources of parents who will be responsible for paying support for their children. Our attorneys will help you determine and understand the needs of your children and how the law views your child support obligations based on your net monthly resources.

  • Texas Child Support Guidelines

For counsel and representation as you work at crafting a fair, lawful child support agreement to be incorporated into your divorce settlement agreement and divorce decree, contact a Texas child support payments attorney. Our League City family law firm represents clients in Galveston, Pearland, Alvin, Webster, Clear Lake City and other communities throughout Texas.