Maritime Injuries

MaritimeMaritime Accidents can occur on oil rig accidents or accidents on tug boats, barges, ships and other large vessels in the gulf.

The Apffel Law Firm in League City has represented clients with admiralty and maritime law claims for more than three decades. If you have been injured because your employer failed to follow safety measures, cut corners or was negligent in any way, we will fight to recover fair compensation.

Additional Protection For Workers On The Water

Given that our state is rich in oil, and because of our proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Texas plays host to a variety of oil rigs, boats, ships, jack-up oil drilling rigs, and propulsion barges. Accidents result in severe injuries on these vessels every day, including:

  • Collisions within and outside of shipping channels caused by reckless navigation
  • Capsizing and the risk of drowning
  • Chemical spills
  • Explosions and fires
  • Falls on slippery decking
  • Injuries when the cargo shifts after it has not been properly secured

We are experienced with Jones Act cases and Federal Maritime Law that allows members of commercial vessel crews to sue their employers for negligent actions. Our attorneys work with seamen to obtain compensation for their injuries and lost wages. We fight hard to obtain the maximum compensation allowable by law in each case. If we are unable to recover damages in your case, you do not owe us a fee.

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