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If you are a commercial fisherman, you know it is one of the most dangerous, physically demanding jobs out there and accidents are all too common. Today's highly competitive, fast-paced work environment and the conditions in which you are expected to perform your job require an extreme focus on safety for yourself and your co-workers. As a League City commercial fishing accident lawyer, Trey Apffel has handled numerous personal injury cases that were the result of accidents that occurred on commercial fishing vessels.

Maritime Workers Are Constantly at Risk for Serious Personal Injuries

Many types of injuries can occur from the many unsafe work conditions inherent in the job itself, and one simple mistake can result in severe consequences for the injured party. For example, equipment that should have been tied down wasn't and it comes crashing into you causing a crushing blow to your body. Numerous tripping hazards and other unsafe work conditions such as 18-hour days causing endless fatigue are daily occurrences in the life of a fisherman. And, although OSHA has general work duty clauses mandating that employers provide a safe work environment, it's not always the case when you are at sea.

Maritime Law and the Jones Act - Know Your Rights

Every worker, including cooks, engineers, deckhands, factory workers, captains and mates who are injured aboard a commercial fishing vessel are protected by the federal maritime law and the Jones Act. These protections entitle you to receive benefits and compensation for injuries received on the job and include the right to payment without proof of fault. These include all necessary medical expenses, until maximum recovery is attained. It also includes maintenance and unearned wages. Upon proof of negligence, an injured maritime worker is entitled to payments of past and future lost wages, costs for retraining and compensation for any disabilities or disfigurements and pain and suffering.


If you have been injured on the job, you deserve the most qualified and experienced legal representation available, and that's Texas attorney Trey Apffel of the Apffel Law Firm. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance to determine if your rights need protection. We provide free initial consultations and all personal injury cases are taken on a contingency basis. Meaning if you don't win a settlement or verdict, we do not get paid.

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