Trucking Accidents

Friendswood and Galveston Trucking Accidents Lawyer

If you have been seriously injured, or your loved one has been killed in a tractor-trailer truck accident, it is important to speak with a lawyer who is experienced in handling trucking accidents. At the APFFEL LAW FIRM, our attorneys help those with serious personal injuries and the families of fatal accident victims obtain the financial recovery to which they are entitled.

Trucking accidents are even more complex and have different issues than auto accidents since both the state and federal governments regulate commercial trucking. Trucking accidents include accidents with 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, container trucks and other heavy hauling trucks in the industry. It can also include hazardous materials issues if there is a chemical release involved in one of these accidents. Issues such as hours of service, driver qualifications, operator liability for leased vehicles, corporate liability for negligent hiring and Texas Department of Transportation guidelines may be involved in your case or accident.

Contact an Experienced Texas Trucker Accident Attorney

At the APFFEL LAW FIRM, our knowledgeable League City trucking accident lawyers carefully examine your case and meticulously prepare it for court, carefully examining the details of the accident and the qualifications of the driver, as detailed in his or her "Driver Qualifications File". It may be possible to file suit against both the negligent truck driver and the trucking company that employs him or her. We will work diligently to uncover all possible avenues for recovery in your lawsuit, settling your case only if it is in your best interest.