Was The Other Driver Uninsured Or Underinsured?

If another driver does not want to provide insurance information following an accident, it could indicate he or she does not have insurance. An offer to pay for your damage is another red flag that the other driver does not have adequate insurance. In these cases, you need to get the counsel of a lawyer before taking the next step.

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Recommended Insurance Policies

In Texas, the minimum insurance requirement is a $30,000 liability policy per occurrence. This does not go very far when injuries are severe. This means that many motorists in the state are underinsured. Add in the number that carry no insurance at all and it supports the case for purchasing an uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist policy.

What are the best limits? It depends on what you can afford. At a minimum, you should consider a 50/100 policy.

If you do not have these policies, there may still be other avenues to recover depending on the cause of the accident. For instance, an impaired driver might have been uninsured, but depending on the circumstances a bar that served the individual could be liable.

A Free Consultation And Policy Review

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