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January 2015 Archives

Can prison inmates sue for damages after bus-train crash?

When a person is convicted of breaking the law and sent to prison, they forfeit their rights, correct? Not all of them. Yes, they lose their liberty for the period they are behind bars. And, as information from FindLaw explains, they have to abide by the lawful rules that authorities may impose for maintaining order, security and discipline. And in 1996, Congress saw fit to enact the Prison Litigation Reform Act.

What are basic steps for filing a pedestrian accident claim?

The thing about the word accident is that it is easy to overlook its real meaning. If you look it up in the dictionary, you will find that an accident is something that happens without it being planned. The implication of that statement is that if an accident happens, no one can be considered responsible. And that is often exactly how we interpret such situations. But just because something isn't planned doesn't mean that it can't be prevented.

Closing the compensation gap between the offer and what's right

Everyone with a license issued by the state of Texas probably understands that the law requires individuals to pay for any motor vehicle accident they cause. Because of that provision, most people cover the base by contracting for liability insurance.

NTSB says better truck safety remains a 'most wanted' goal

Just how much of a factor is truck driver fatigue in accidents that result in serious injury or death? Federal regulators thought they had successfully identified that it was a major concern. That's why in 2013, as we noted in an article on the subject, officials instituted new restrictions on the hours of service that drivers could put in during any given week of work.

Texas has limited state texting ban. Will that change in 2015?

There are certain things that aren't supposed to be talked about in polite circles. Religion and politics come to mind as being the ones that are traditionally high on the list. But that doesn't mean political issues go away. And some deserve to be talked about.

Motorcycle deaths fell nationally but rose in Texas in 2013

Comprehensive data about just how many motorcycles might be on the roads of the U.S. is hard to come by. States don't use a single method for calculating such things. But based on information compiled by Motorcycle Roads it's seems clear that numbers are increasing.

Pedestrian deaths on interstates shouldn't happen, but do

If you have a driver's license, whether it's issued by Texas or some other state in the union, chances are that you are familiar with the signs at the entrance ramps to freeways. The message of the one we are talking about is pretty clear. The sign reads, "Pedestrians, bicycles, motorized bicycles, non-motorized traffic prohibited."

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