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Posts tagged "personal injury"

Dangerous baby clothes recalled after sales at major retailers

It goes without saying, but small children are especially vulnerable to injury resulting from defective products. Manufacturers and distributors have an obligation to ensure that products meant for babies are safe, but too often marketed items pose a threat to small children's health.

Brain injury victim's mother fights for more insurance coverage

Right now, brain injury victims and their families aren't treated fairly by the healthcare system in the United States. In particular, since treatment and recovery after a traumatic brain injury can be a lifelong struggle, insurance companies generally don't offer anywhere near enough coverage for patients who have suffered a severe brain injury.

Fort Worth woman going wrong way causes 3 accidents

Unfortunately, many wrecks are caused by people driving the wrong way. A wrong-way auto accident can have devastating consequences, especially if it involves a head-on collision. Innocent victims of wrong-way crashes often suffer severe injuries that make their lives a lot more difficult for a long time, but there are legal avenues for holding the responsible parties accountable and receiving compensation for injuries.

NFL continues to struggle with brain injury questions

Any type of damage to the brain can have devastating and long-term consequences that lead to a lifetime of specialized care and unending medical bills. Traumatic brain injury is most commonly associated with accidents or severe blows to the head, but a potential association between brain injuries and football has some people questioning the levels of violence in the sport.

Driver charged with DWI after 4-vehicle wreck injures 8

It may seem obvious to say, but it bears repeating: drunk drivers are far more likely to cause an accident than drivers who are sober. An auto accident that results from drunk driving can cause immense pain and suffering for victims. Those who are hurt through no fault of their own in such an crash are legally entitled to seek compensation from any at-fault parties.

Naked driver crashes into backyard of south Houston home

There is no doubt that an automobile can become a weapon when a drunk or drugged driver is at the wheel. Drivers need to think twice before turning on the ignition if they are in any state of physical or mental impairment, as they can easily cause damage to innocent people or to property.

Galveston mother and child victims of crumbling facade

No one expects to be faced with a traumatic brain injury that affects memory, personality or motor functions. A head injury can have long-term consequences that may not be immediately evident after an accident. Brain injury victims should know that they may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses related to loss of employment, permanent disability, rehabilitation therapy and long-term care if the injury was a result of someone else's negligence.

House collapses on worker, critical injuries result

Termites, a common problem in Galveston, attacked a house on 21st Street. They had eaten away at the foundation of the home and to save it, the homeowner hired a crew to shore it up. While working on a new support system, something gave way and the house twisted and fell about six feet.

Texas road rage results in personal injuries

Many of us in Galveston have seen road rage on our highways at rush hour. The danger of road rage is that the two warring vehicles can end up in a chase or duel that ensnares innocent bystanders. When road rage leads to the personal injury of an innocent bystander, one or both of the angry drivers could be held liable for damages, including pain and suffering.

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