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Rice University gets $1.5 million grant for brain injury lab

We've written previously about the need for more clinical research and expanded insurance coverage for brain injury victims. People who suffer traumatic brain injuries typically have a long and difficult road to recovery. Therapy and treatment are expensive, and brain injury patients and their families need all of the medical and financial help they can get.

Work zone auto accidents a serious problem throughout Texas

We all know, or should know, that road maintenance workers risk life and limb to do their jobs. But according to the Texas Department of Transportation, 80 percent of the people who die as a result of crashes in road work zones are drivers and passengers.

Dangerous baby clothes recalled after sales at major retailers

It goes without saying, but small children are especially vulnerable to injury resulting from defective products. Manufacturers and distributors have an obligation to ensure that products meant for babies are safe, but too often marketed items pose a threat to small children's health.

Distracted driving leads to death of Texas teenager

A terrible car accident happened late last month and took the life of a teenager from Cleveland, Texas. The 17-year-old and her mother, who was driving, were about to make a turn when their car was forcefully rear-ended by a truck pulling a trailer. The accident is believed to be a tragic case of distracted driving.

Texas man's spinal cord injury recovery an inspiration

Readers in Galveston might be inspired by the story of an Austin man who was seriously injured a year ago in an auto accident. The 30-year-old was driving his motorcycle near his home when another vehicle came over a hill and collided with him.

Car chase in Texas ends with damaged roof

We can be grateful that not all accidents involving motor vehicles result in physical injury; however, sometimes private property can suffer extensive damage. In either case, people who suffer financial damage through no fault of their own should be aware of their right to pursue compensation.

Fort Worth woman going wrong way causes 3 accidents

Unfortunately, many wrecks are caused by people driving the wrong way. A wrong-way auto accident can have devastating consequences, especially if it involves a head-on collision. Innocent victims of wrong-way crashes often suffer severe injuries that make their lives a lot more difficult for a long time, but there are legal avenues for holding the responsible parties accountable and receiving compensation for injuries.

Driver charged with DWI after 4-vehicle wreck injures 8

It may seem obvious to say, but it bears repeating: drunk drivers are far more likely to cause an accident than drivers who are sober. An auto accident that results from drunk driving can cause immense pain and suffering for victims. Those who are hurt through no fault of their own in such an crash are legally entitled to seek compensation from any at-fault parties.

Death of Cowboys player may lead to wrongful death lawsuit

Texans throughout the state are aware of the death of Dallas Cowboys player Jerry Brown, who lost his life as a passenger in a car driven by teammate Josh Brent. As a result of this accident, Brent not only faces a criminal trial for intoxication manslaughter; there is also a very real possibility that a wrongful death lawsuit will be in the offing.

Texas City sixth-grader killed by truck while waiting for bus

Maneuvering a large truck takes special skill and attentiveness, and the consequences of not paying attention while driving a truck can prove disastrous. A driver of a big-rig truck may have caused a wrongful death because of his inattentiveness when his vehicle struck and killed a Texas City sixth-grader who was waiting for her school bus.

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